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 The concept of Street Teams is as old as the Sunset Strip. In the good old days, “Flyer
Throwers” worked diligently to spread the word of upcoming shows plastering everything
that didn’t move with 8x10 hand-drawn billboards of favorite bands. Today, the internet
throws a whole new category of coast to coast contacts for bands to have at their disposal.
Modern day street teamers can simply post Myspace bulletins or print out pre-printed flyers
from “Street Team Central” or the band themselves. Photoshop has allowed the poorest
bands to have professional looking promo at their disposal and email and IM’s have allowed
for immediate transmission of all materials. Anywhere a band tours, they have
promo preceding them.
So why are so many really good bands struggling to tour? With all this promo going on and
all these street teamers at your disposal, HOW can it go wrong?
Below are some simple guidelines to follow when creating
or re-creating your street teams.
Street Team Rules / Requirements

Street Team Leaders –

Street Team Leaders must be able to organize and lead street team members.
This includes 

Street Team Leaders are responsible for the printing and distributing of all promotional
materials. This includes posters/flyers for all regional shows as well as random promotion
for CDs and other Merchandise.

Street Team Leaders are responsible for finding or offering food and housing for the
band when they are touring/staying in their region. The care of the band shall become
the number one priority when they visit. All appropriate provisions should be
ready before the bands arrival, including clean towels, blankets, pillows etc. if the
band is staying in their home.

If the band opts for a hotel, reservations should be made well in advance, and the
appropriate budget should be closely followed.

Street Team Leaders should be prepared to raise money if necessary for the band
should unforeseen expenses arise. The type of fundraising should be discussed with
and ultimately decided on by the band.
Street Team Members ~
Street Team Members are responsible for the distribution of posters / flyers for all regional
shows for the band
Street Team Members are responsible for the promotion of the bands CDs and other
Merchandise through random methods including wearing, offering, and selling said
Street Team Members are required to follow all reasonable requests from their Street
Team Leader.
Street Team Members should be willing to offer assistance to the band in any means
possible. (within reason)
Street Team Members are required to attend all regional shows.
Street Team Pages ~
Facebook, Myspace, Twitter Street Team Pages should all visually be alike or similar. All backgrounds and
Default Pics should be chosen by the band.
All new pages / chapters / regions will be approved by the band prior to inception.
Only active members and clubs should be added to Street Team Page. It’s not about
the number of “friends” but about the actual number of active members.
Shane Morgan

For more information

Email: info@shanemorgan.net